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Physician-grade supplements available from Dr. Ferris via Fullscript

Dr. Ferris utilizes the online dispensary Fullscript, where patients can purchase all products virtually. Products will ship directly to their home. 

Important note from Dr. Ferris:

The FDA does regulate supplements in the United States, but they are regulated as food rather than drugs. Federal law does not require dietary supplements to be proven safe to the FDA's satisfaction before they are marketed, therefore it is essential to buy supplements from a reputable source. The supplement you buy from your local pharmacy may not actually contain the ingredients it claims to. Physician-grade supplements are good quality, but are typically not available to patients without the help of a doctor. Fullscript allows me to make good quality supplements available to you.

How to purchase online

1. Dr. Ferris will select supplements via Fullscript after a patient’s initial visits and treatment plan is established. 


2. The patient will receive an email from Fullscript containing a link to view these recommendations on their website. Dr. Ferris will also email the patient directly with supplemental considerations.


3. The patient will click on the link from the Fullscript email, and then input their email address, first and last name, and choose a password to establish their account. (First-time users only)


4. Once their account is established with Fullscript, the patient will be able to review and purchase supplements that Dr. Ferris has recommended, as well as any other products that are of interest to the patient. Patients can also set up auto-ship for added convenience.


Patients may also choose to use the link below to establish their account with Fullscript now, and begin shopping for products immediately. Contact Dr. Ferris with any questions. 

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