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Dr. Lylen Ferris saved my life! Sounds a bit overdramatic but let me explain. Last year, I was told that I had breast cancer. The news threw me into some anxiety and my Medical doctor placed me on Lexapro to help with the anxiety. I had a severe reaction from the medication that placed me into a harmful situation. The drug almost killed me. Another doctor weened me off rapidly which caused an attack on my nervous system and caused even further issues.

One of my relatives found out about my situation and told me how Dr. Ferris treats in a scientific way through lab results, not guessing and how instead of harmful medications she could help me return to normal a more holistic way that would not harm. I was all for that.


She has been treating me for a year and I am proud to say that I feel better than ever. No harmful medications only holistic meds that my body truly needs. I have truly regained my life and owe all the credit to God and Dr. Ferris. 


I thought I was going crazy, but Dr. Ferris assured me that these symptoms are not all in my head. With a thorough evaluation of my hormones and neurotransmitters, she was able to help me manage my symptoms with supplements and lifestyle changes. Ultimately, I have learned that I am in control of my own health, and Dr. Ferris helped me get there!


I saw Dr. Ferris for Insomnia. I thought I’d tried everything, but she tested my cortisol and melatonin and was able to determine that both were far too low and that was contributing to my insomnia. She also taught me about good sleep hygiene and I was able to change the lighting and temperature in my bedroom to make it easier to sleep. I have learned how to wind down my day, relax at night, turn off screens, and prepare myself for a good night’s sleep.   



I was referred to Dr. Ferris by a good friend who had been happy with the care she received. I was having hot flashes and night sweats and was feeling moody and just not myself anymore. I knew menopause was just around the corner, and I wanted some support in facing it. Dr. Ferris tested my hormones and my neurotransmitters, and with that information was able to use bioidentical hormones to help me manage my symptoms. I immediately felt like I was in good hands. Dr. Ferris really listens to what I have to say, and together we are improving my health!   



I had some unsettling lab results that my healthcare providers could not answer.  These results concerned me because I had a prior diagnosis of breast cancer. I was searching online for answers and I came across a podcast with Dr. Ferris. She mentioned an interesting case that she solved and I thought maybe she could help me. I was impressed that she actually reviewed my history/lab work and did some research before my appointment with her.  Dr. Ferris had several studies regarding my issue and had some answers. I showed her report to my other providers who were surprised and pleased. I appreciate her help.



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Patient Testimonials

I appreciate that Dr. Ferris tries to find the cause, and doesn’t just focus on symptoms.



I have struggled with digestive issues since I was a kid. Dr. Ferris tested my gastrointestinal health, which gave her information to choose supplements that were right for me. Turns out I am sensitive to gluten! She also taught me about diet and making healthier choices. You really are what you eat! I feel better than I have in years.   



Finally, with Dr. Ferris, I have a doctor that understands me. She took the time to really understand my story so she could give me the resources I need.  



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